GroundSurf Electric Skateboard/Surfboard


It seems like these motorized or electric skateboards are the latest things, and I’ve been seeing many designs pop up in many places. The Ground Surf has to be one of the most unusual I have seen.

First of all, you may notice that it has not four, but three wheels. It is also is controlled via Bluetooth. That’s right, you slide your finger up your cell phone screen to go faster, then slide it down to go slower.

Ratleads, the Parisian company that designs the Groundsurf, says that the downloadable software will initially be available for HTC Phones. Hopefully they will get more, and I’m not certain if the touchpad is a safe controller. After all, the whole reason I don’t use my touchpad is because it does fail me at times. You don’t want to have something questionable be your accelerator and decelerator. However, it also works with the user leaning forward or backward.

By the way, Ratleads does not refer to the Groundsurf as a Skateboard, but a surfboard. They have been trying out their product on surfers. However, I see a board, and I see wheels, I’m thinking skateboard! Something must be getting lost in translation.

You should be seeing an initial release of the Groundsurf soon, for the retail price of $1,770 to $2,040.

Via BlueTomorrow

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