Groomair Electric Vacuum Brush

Brushing a dog always makes a huge mess.  Even if you do the job outside, there tend to be puffs of hair blowing in the wind.  It’s always worse come springtime, so instead of worrying about where those smelly little puffs will end up, use this brush.  It sucks up all of that hair instead of letting it go free in your home or on the back patio.

It is said to massage them as it sucks up all of that loose hair.  However, I’m not sure that pets that are scared of the vacuum cleaner would appreciate you using this on them.  If you have a particularly calm pet, they might not mind it though.  It’s also supposed to stimulate blood circulation, as well as encourage the growth of healthier and more shiny fur.  You can pick one of these up for £ 51.95 or about $78 through Pro Idee.

Source: OhGizmo