Grobal Self-watering Planters

Grobal Self-watering Planters

Some of you might have houseplants, and of those some, I’m sure there is a great percentage of you that forget to water them. This next product has been designed for you.

The Grobal self-watering planters are pots designed to water your plants automatically. That’s right, automatically. There is a reservoir within the plant that holds the water, and then the “grow chamber” draws water out of this storage area when it is needed.

I’m not certain how the pot knows when to draw out the water, but I have to say that the system itself is quite efficient. After all, over-watering your plant is not only a waste of water, but can be bad for the plant itself. This way, not a precious drop of H20 is wasted in this Grobal self-watering planter.

Of course, this device does have a little problem. I’m not certain how the user refills the reservoir, and it sounds quite possible for a user to forget to fill the reservoir. Then there is nothing for the grow chamber to tap into but air. So now you are still forgetting to water your plants.

At least you can water your plants on a weekly, not daily basis. Maybe you won’t forget to do it then. Anyway, you can get the Grobal self-watering planters for about $20 in many colors.


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