Grippy Gadget Mat keeps gizmos in place

It’s funny, the things we need to keep an eye on seem to disappear the most. This would include your phone, money, and keys. No matter how hard you try, it always seems to end up in a new place. While there are ways to keep track of things at home, what about in your car? Do you stash everything in a cup holder, the side pocket, or toss it all on the dashboard?

Either way, they can usually be jostled out of place if you take a turn too hard. While you could just stick everything in the glove box while you’re driving, that won’t do you much good if your phone also acts as your GPS. The Grippy Gadget Mat is the missing link to keeping all of your valuables in sight and in place throughout the duration of your car ride. It’s made of a high-quality silicone, and will keep hold of whatever you place on it.

There’s no glue, tape, or mounting necessary. Just stick it and off you go. Well, that’s what I would assume anyway. While it only costs $9, I’d be a bit cautious trusting this little thing. It measures 5.6×3.2x.0.2”, so it won’t take up much space. There are likely certain things it doesn’t hold down very well, so try to give it a test run before going out for a spin. Don’t want to come to a sudden stop and have you stuff go flying, now do you?

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek.