Grilletto BBQ makes BBQ easy and fun

Grilletto BBQ

Since summer’s here, why not take advantage by bonding with the rest of the family through social gatherings in your garden with a BBQ grill? We know that the very thought of it can be quite daunting for some due to the amount of cleaning up that one must do, but the Grilletto BBQ is different as it not only cooks but self-cleans as well! While indoor grills are usually quite easy to clean, outdoor BBQs can definitely be a pain when you grill fatty meats.

For one the Grilletto Portable BBQ is ready to cook in just seven minutes. Second, there’s a massive cooking area that converts into a roasting oven so you can cook up a feast that includes anything from beef burgers to a Sunday roast. And third, this handy portable BBQ self cleans! With carry handles that double up as sturdy legs, this fold away portable BBQ is perfect for camping trips and tucking into a good old British barbecue from anywhere in the garden to the great outdoors – just unfold and start cooking! Double cast iron grills adjust to four cooking heights so you can really show off your culinary skills, and when you’ve finished cooking simply fold up the BBQ and it burns itself out, preserving the unused charcoal for later. All the ashes collect in the base making for an easy clean up and a snuff out pouch means you can pack the portable BBQ away straight after you’ve finished cooking.

Sounds so easy, although we’re sure that no matter how far self-cleaning technology has progressed in the future, there are a handful of folks out there who still believe that they should do the cleaning themselves to make sure that everything is spic and span. If you fall under the latter category, then the £63.95 Grilletto Portable BBQ is not the thing for you.

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