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A Grill and Then Some

I don’t care if it is winter, spring, summer or fall. I love grilling! Don the cap and mittens, grab an umbrella or bask in the sun. The taste of anything grilled over wood or charcoal far exceeds that of oven cooked anything. But a grill alone really is not sufficient. It would be nice to cook other items on the grill. And what if you want to smoke something? That usually requires a whole new device. Surely some ancient civilizations figured out how to master the cooking of stuff without all our modern conveniences.
What many grilling aficionados have found is the importance of ceramic clay and the kamodo style cooking – added flavor and juiciness. Many cultures through the years have used these dome shaped vessels to cook with wood and later charcoal. So why not us? The kamodo market is growing. And the Big Green Egg® has proven to be the largest producer of the earthen cooking devices. Made with a ceramic originally developed for NASA, these green guys prove to be more stronger than the competition and provide better heat insulation.  Heck, they are so durable people hand them down from generation to generation. The precision temperature gauge means you can track your grilling up to 750° F (400° C). The Big Green Egg does more than grill too. Insert a plate setter to create indirect heat and use as an oven. And the ceramic’s properties enable it to sustain low temperatures – perfect for smoking. The Ceramic means no burning yourself on the grill too. Eggs come in 5 sizes, with plenty of accessories to compliment it. Units start at about $400, but check their locator to find your local egg dealer for prices as the Big Green Egg Company does not sell direct. And contains plenty of tips, ideas and recipes perfect for the device. So if grilling is key to your existence, check into the benefits of ceramic clay cooking and the one-of-a-kind Big Green Egg.

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