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The Best Grill Light makes grilling time a whole lot more fun

best-grill-lightWhen it comes to the kitchen, or basically tools that help you whip up something delicious, those who are more inclined towards efficiency and modernization will definitely find such devices to be a boost to their skill, as it also helps to shorten the amount of time spent in the kitchen so that more socializing can be done instead. Well, those who love to grill stuff would definitely have had their fair share of grilling products in the past such as the LED Grill Light that also doubles up as a spatula, but here is the $49.95 Grill Light which has been given a “The Best” recommendation by the folks over at Hammacher.

The reason behind it being named that way? It apparently generated the brightest, most expansive light and proved to be the only model with a timer amongst its peers. We are talking about having the presence of 18 LEDs which are capable of pumping out up to 281 lux of crisp illumination. Apart from that, it is also half a dozen times brighter compared to lesser models out there. Its beam will illuminate the cooking surface and the grill’s side table simultaneously, which makes it far superior to other lights that only cast illumination on the grill. It also boasts of a C-clamp that allows the light to be placed on any vertical, horizontal, or angled surface, and with its integrated timer, it will shut itself off automatically after 30 minutes, and your eyes need not squint thanks to its 13″ gooseneck that enables the light to be positioned at nearly any angle. A trio of D batteries would allow it to produce up to 120 hours of light.