Grill Cleaning Robot lets you relax after a BBQ


Ah, robots. Don’t you feel great that such entities are around to help humanity, especially in tasks that get extremely repetitive such as at the assembly line? Well, there are also other kinds of robots at home, although we might not seem them that way, such as a vacuum cleaner or a window washer. Well, the $119.95 Grill Cleaning Robot is pretty much self explanatory – this particular robot would be able to automatically clean barbecue grill grates, thanks to a trio of electric motors that propel it around to complete its assigned task by a built-in CPU. It works with outdoor- as well as in electric indoor grills.

This CPU would do its bit to rotate the three cylindrical brushes as the robot moves across the grill grates, doing its bit to remove burnt bits of food and grease in but a few passes. The brushes’ brass bristles will not cause any kind of damage to your stainless steel or porcelain surface, and they can also be removed and are dishwasher safe for added peace of mind and easy maintenance. You can set the Grill Cleaning Robot to clean for 10, 20, or 30 minutes, where it sports a rechargeable battery that delivers up to four hours of power, taking an equal amount of time to juice up via an AC adapter.