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Griffin’s Evolve Speakers Work Without Wires

If you have an iPod, chances are that you’ve noticed all the different makes, models and styles of different speaker sets for you to plug your iPod in to listen to your music. Some are alarm clocks, some are radios, but most of them run with either built in speakers, or wired speakers.


Griffin Technology, an innovator of technologies and accessories to go with the iPod, has developed and released the Evolve Speaker. The Evolve speaker system comprises a charging base and two cube-shaped speakers. You can place the rechargeable Evolve cubes wherever you want to hear the music. You can even move them into the next room with you. There are no entangling wires to hassle with. 

Each speaker cube has its own long-lived Lithium-Ion battery pack, delivering up to 10 hours of music between charges. Evolve even charges wirelessly: to charge the batteries, just place the speaker on its charging station. There’s nothing to plug in, and nothing to unplug when you’re ready to deploy the music. Each speaker features its own on/off switch, and an automatic sleep mode to conserve battery charge. It also comes with its own remote control. More technical specifications and details are at the Evolve website.

The Evolve comes in both white and black color options and will set you back around $300.

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