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Griffin Technology makes Premium Charge/Sync Cables with Lightning connector available

griffin-PremiumLightningCableWhile we are more or less moving in the right direction where wireless technology is concerned, there is still value in terms of being tethered to a particular device. For instance, Griffin Technology has just announced that they will be making their Premium Charge/Sync Cables with Lightning connector available to the masses, and what makes this particular offering so special from the rest that are in the market? Well, it will be the easy-connecting reversible USB which can be plugged – without having you to guess and make the right orientation in the first place. Surely this is one of the better advancements where USB connectivity is concerned, especially when your USB port remains located at the back of a desktop chassis, and it is way too inconvenient to actually evict the entire family of dust bunnies and fumble your way through.

It does look as though Type-C USB devices are starting to come into fashion, such as this USB flash drive from Patriot that targets new MacBook owners. Rick Kennedy, Cables Category Manager at Griffin, shared, “Our new premium cable design offers a more enjoyable user experience to the cables we use everyday. From the easy-to-connect reversible USB to the aluminum finishes and the braided jacket, we rethought everything to deliver users an elegant, easy-to-use and more durable charging cable.”

The Premium Charge/Sync Cable’s reversible USB connector will play nice with just about any full-sized USB port, never mind of how you plug it in in the first place. This would mean it will end up as the easiest-to-connect USB plug to date, and having gone through brutal bend and environmental testing, the redesigned cable is more than capable of handling a robust working environment, and eventually, is capable of a longer, more reliable life. The durable braided nylon cable jacket will also resist kinking, while the anodized aluminum housing stabilizes and protects the Lightning connector from physical stresses.

You can pick up Griffin’s latest Premium Lightning Cables in 5 feet and 10 feet configurations, where they will retail for $29.99 and $39.99, respectively, while playing around with a trio of sleek colors, namely silver, gold, and space gray.

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