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Griffin Technology has new Identity Custom case range for latest iPhones

griffin-identitySo, you have finally caved in to pressure all around you by making the jump from either Windows Phone or Android to the iOS-powered iPhone from Apple. I suppose you might be happy with the kind of video recording capability that the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus comes with, or perhaps you are enamored with the seamless way the iPhone 6 works with the rest of your Apple devices like the MacBook Air and the works. Or you simply appreciate the design and kind of work that has gone into churning out such a lovely looking device. The thing is, why not take the next step to protect the device like you should? Griffin Technology has just announced their latest Identity Custom case line for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which is a slim and yet protective, two layer case that will offer users hundreds of ways to control their look and express their individuality and style.

It does not matter where you are – at school, work, the gym or on vacation, your phone tends to be with you always This means the new Identity cases are a snap to design in order to make it a truly unique case, which will be a reflection of your personality without having to sacrifice the protection factor that Griffin provides.

While the Identity cases remain a whole lot slimmer as compared to rugged cases, Griffin claims that they are more protective than shells. After all, it comes in a two-piece design, which will bring the best of both worlds into a single case thanks to its protective bumper and low-profile back plate. The hybrid bumper will merge shock-absorbing rubber with a hard plastic frame so that it will be able to protect the iPhone from 4-foot drops, even if your smartphone lands on concrete. There will also be raised edges that protect the front screen from chips and scratches.

The Identity Custom will boast of a wide-array of back plate and bumper options to choose from, where you can express your personal style with bold patterns, colors and tactile materials like graphite and corsica. Functional case backs are also part of the deal like Mirror, making it a snap to ensure that everything else is in place for a selfie, while Credit Card and Wallet backs will feature storage slots for cash, credit cards and an ID. The Griffin Identity Custom case sets for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus range will retail from $29.98 to $39.99.

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