Griffin Technology and Iceberg Kids team up and make a Woogie

So what is a Woogie, you ask? It has nothing to do with Chewbacca. While we are on the subject of seventies science fiction, the Woogie is not some alien that attaches to your face.

The Woogie is designed to face a problem that many Apple mobile users are facing. For some reason, young children love to play with iPhones and iPods, and these mobile devices often come back to the parents either busted or covered in a membrane of sticky goo.

The Woogie is a place to put the iPhone/iPod in a huggable shell, so it will reduce the damage by a young child. It is also serves as a speaker. It takes two AAA batteries that are stored in the stuffed animal’s stuffing, and increase the volume tremendously when it is plugged into the headphone jack.

I agree with the basic concept behind this toy/iDevice shield, but I would have chosen a shape of something like a teddy bear, and not this odd thing that looks like a green vegetable that your kid would refuse to eat.

Again, I would recommend the Woogie to those Apple mobile users with toddlers, because that iDevice is one tempting toy. Parents might as well give their $200 minimum investment some protection. You can purchase it on the Griffin Technology website for about $19.99.