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Griffin Technology delivers Guide magnetic cable management system

griffin-cable-managementCables and Griffin Technology tend to go back a rather long way. After all, there has been releases like the Premium Charge/Sync cables with Lightning connector in the past, and it does not look as though Griffin Technology is about to give up on this anytime soon. In fact, here they are with something to ensure that your collection of cables do not end up in a disorganized mess, but rather, that they will be routed through the home or office in an orderly manner. Enter the Guide magnetic cable management system, which will offer a range of clever innovations that have been specially designed to organize essential cables for a clutter-free car, home or office workspace. In other words, you will be able to find the essence of both beauty and elegance on any surface with the Guide.

Guide is a magnetic cable management system that organizes cables with beauty and elegance on any surface. Guide happens to be part cable management and part building blocks, where users will be able to have their necessary cables right where they want them – and at all times, too. After all, the Guide is made up of a trio of grey steel bases as well as an equal number of iconic anodized aluminum magnetic anchors in three shapes (small, medium and large). All of these will be rearrangeable in order for them to capture and guide cables along any surface. There will be various shapes where the anchors are concerned in order to allow for cables of various sizes to be held in place, while providing users with the option to make use of a mere solitary anchor, or a combination of all three.

All three steel bases can be arranged anywhere to hold power adapters, Ethernet, phone, HDMI and charge cables, among others. The asking price for Griffin’s Guide stands at $39.99 a pop.

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