Griffin IntelliCase for the iPad 2 announced

Griffin has just announced the IntelliCase for the iPad 2, which will definitely add a whole new dimension to the protection of your precious new tablet when it comes to protection. After all, dropping your shiny iPad 2 against the hard concrete floor is something that is a surefire heartbreaker, even more so when the display cracks up. Well, the IntelliCase for the iPad 2 is slightly different as it is not only a folio stand, but also sports an automatic wake-up closure.
Yes sir, the IntelliCase from Griffin is proud to be what some dub “a perfect marriage” – merging protective polycarbonate to ensure the back of your iPad 2 is well protected, while flexible thermoplastic polyurethane is used in front which helps offer protection to your multi-touch display. Magnets are cleverly placed right in the cover itself in order to trigger sleep sensors that are located inside the iPad 2, letting the device wake up automatically whenever the case is opened, and sending it back to dreamland when the case is closed.

Surely this offers far more protection compared to the Smart Covers that Apple rolled out with the iPad 2? That is what Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology, thinks as well, “Consumers were eager for a case that protected the back of the iPad 2 but also took advantage of the interactive feature that the magnetic sensors enable. The IntelliCase for iPad 2 offers users just that, protection for the back while incorporating a cover that automatically wakes your iPad when it’s opened.”
The flexible cover will not only protect the iPad 2’s precious display, it can also be folded in two positions. When upright, the workstand seems to be perfect if you’re going to indulge yourself in watching your favorite video or reading a downloaded book, while you can always lay it down after that at a perfect incline so that your wrists won’t hurt at all whenever you are about to type that really long email.
With a micro-textured surface, even sweaty palms are able to easily grip and protect your iPad, both within and without. Too bad the IntelliCase comes in only one color – black, where it will burn a $59.99 hole in your pocket.
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