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Griffin expands Fitness collection with Uptown Band and updated Ribbon Wristband

griffin-ribbon-bandSince the world of mobile devices happens to be a fairly extensive one these days, it goes without saying that there is also a relatively huge market for the various accessories that one can look into in the long run, making it a sustainable niche to look into. Well, Griffin Technology knows this, which is why they have firmly entrenched themselves in recent times to roll out thoughtfully designed mobile accessories, and this time around they have made an announcement concerning not one, but two new additions to its Fitness collection that will comprise of the Uptown Band and the recently updated Ribbon Wristband.

Regardless of what you wear, these happen to be fantastic additions to just about any wardrobe, as the bands themselves will be able to provide fashionable yet discreet fitness tracking in order to encourage an active lifestyle without having to go through the motions of sacrificing personal style. For instance, Griffin’s new Uptown Band allows users to turn their fitness tracker into a stylish fashion accessory, making it the ideal accessory regardless of whether it is for a swanky night out or for daytime office wear. You will be able to pick from toffee or black, where the chic double wrap, genuine leather band is capable of comfortably securing the Fitbit Flex in a discreet, snapped pocket. This would help the fitness tracker to remain out of sight, but yet allows it to track users’ activity throughout the day. There is a tiny window in the band which will let you have a peek at the tracker’s display, so that one can easily check out on one’s daily progress.

As for the newly updated Ribbon Wristband, it will help accessorize an active lifestyle with the latest fashion trend. This bad boy will now play nice with all the more fitness trackers including Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, Garmin VIVOFIT, Misfit Shine, Misfit Flash and Jawbone UP MOVE, as the wicking nylon ribbon ensures that one’s fitness tracker will remain hidden in a secure, see-through spandex pocket without sacrificing on easy access to the device’s display, while a silicone grip has been thrown into the mix of the interior of the pocket for added device security.

The Uptown Band and Ribbon Wristband will retail for $34.99 and $14.99, respectively if you are interested.

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