Grid-It! organizes Cocoon Bags


After a while, I’ve grown tired of the jumbled mess that ends up at the bottom of my laptop bag.  Not only that, but there’s always the joy of unzipping three different pockets just to figure out which pocket I put a particular cord into.  I tend to enjoy things somewhat organized though, not perfect, just an easy visual set up to make it easier to grab out exactly what I’m looking for.  This laptop case may get people making comments about you being OCD, but you’d save yourself a lot of effort by being able to easily find what you need.

This laptop bag comes with a Grid It sheet, which is a panel with interwoven rubberized elastic strips.  That allows for you to find the ideal spot to place your various gadgets and cords.  The 15” Neoprene sleeve is removable, which would be nice when you need to put your laptop in a different larger bag.  The sheets themselves can be purchased on their own or combined in cases, totes and messenger bags.  All depending on what exactly you need, it will cost you anywhere from $30 on up to $130.

Source: GadgetLab