Gresso ups the style for USB flash drives

gresso-usb.jpgGresso is a name famous for manufacturing luxury cellphones as well as MP3 players, and this time they have taken their expertise by sprucing up the plain old USB flash drive. Gresso took a biblical stance with their new creation, naming it Adam&Eve – and no, it does not come wrapped in a fig leaf but is crafted from high end materials such as African mahogany, blackwood, gold and white diamonds. Unfortunately, the memory capacity maxes out at 1GB, which IMHO, isn’t really appropriate in today’s day and age.

Gresso is inspired by the events that revolved around Adam & Eve, and the first collection is made up of three versions, where Apple comes in the form of a bitten apple, while Krest follows the cross form factor, while Classic comes in the form of a simple rectangle that we all know and love where USB flash drives are concerned. These drives are not just meant to be used as portable data storage devices, but worn as jewelery – guess the more sensitive men out there will appreciate this along with a bevy of ladies. Each hand assembled purchase comes with a caoutchouc strap (caoutchouc is an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products) and a gold clasp.

You can choose from Fashion and Jewelery lines. The former is made out of rare African mahogany wood, boasting Swarovski crystals as well as a laser engraving of the serpent-tempter on the case, whereas the latter is crafted from African blackwood with gold and white diamonds. You can pick up these fashionable USB flash drives from this month onwards, but make sure there is a healthy bank account balance left over. Prices range from $300 and can even reach $1,000, depending on your opulent taste where consumer electronics are concerned.

Source: Gizmag