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Gresso Cruiser Titanium White

If you feel that you have plenty of spare cash lying around, not knowing how to spend it, you can always make a one-off donation to our bank account, or perhaps if you are in need of a spanking new handset, then perhaps you can check out the new Gresso Cruiser Titanium White that offers not only elegance but femininity as well. The thing is, just make sure you have a cool $3,000 lying around somewhere, as that is how much the Gresso Cruiser Titanium White would cost you. Not quite the arm and a leg, but it gets quite close.

Gresso’s idea of introducing this limited edition model of a pearl white Cruiser Titanium is due to them wanting to roll out a phone that complements the style of a true lady. It has been described to be distinguished by delicate design and flawless performance, where you will be able to enjoy a perfect combination of glossy mirror surface and pure snow-white hue, as the entire handset delivers a romantic and sophisticated look. On the outside lies a polished case and steel key buttons, where this one-piece phone case was executed using a high-precision equipment from a solid titanium slab.

Thanks to a complex milling technology, it resulted in a single-piece case containing only 7 % of the original blank. Each case has to go through a 7-hour milling process, followed by a craftsman polishing it for a few hours, before it goes through another 3-stage hand polishing segment to create a luxurious mirror gloss.

As for the round key buttons, they have been precision cut from stainless steel, and all 21 of them have also been accurately hand polished by a craftsman, resulting in a perfect glossy surface. As for the front and back panels, those are made out of solid tempered glass plates. Only 999 of these puppies will be made available, so get them fast when they’re still hot!

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