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Green Starts Here announces the ShowerSaver

showersaverThe earth does have limited resources, but this does not mean it doesn’t have the capability to sustain all of us – close to 7 billion people, and growing. However, it would require careful management of the existing resources, as well as maximizing what we already have right now. Every little bit counts, and this would include making sure we use water as sparingly as possible. After all, fresh water is extremely limited in quantity compared to sea water, and you aren’t going to bathe using sea water, are you? Green Starts Here hopes to help kick in some sense of water savings with the ShowerSaver, which is a monitoring device that one would use in the shower so that the user can gain access to real-time information concerning their shower duration and water consumption.

How does the ShowerSaver work? For starters, it will feature a sensor which enables it to turn on and off automatically, so all that users are required to do is to install it and start showering, washing away the day’s grime and sweat. Even better is the fact that it does not require any kind of plumbing, and neither do you need it to control the water flow, adding to the overall simplicity of its installation.

I suppose you can say that the shower is slowly embracing the 21st century, as studies have shown that users, when provided with the right information, can make the relevant positive changes in their behavior such as a shorter shower time. This will help out in your bank balance in the long run, while the environment will also benefit from lower fresh water and energy consumption, in addition to other related carbon emissions.

The ShowerSaver has a design of a virtual water level that rises in tandem with shower duration, where it then corresponds to green, yellow, and red. These are color cues with which our minds are very familiar with, and the average shower can cost up to $500 annually per person, so hopefully the use of the ShowerSaver will be able to be extended well beyond the home. Expect to fork out $59.95 for the ShowerSaver if you’re interested in joining up with Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

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