Green Power Sliding Speaker for your iPod


I’m always surprised at how much love the iPod Nano gets in the accessory department.  Here’s one for more for those that have a preference for the Nano over the other types of iPods.  Of course, don’t worry, this case is also available for the Touch as well.  The accessory allows for you to always have a speaker on hand, because the speaker is stashed on the back of the case.  It’s probably better suited for someone that prefers portable speakers over headphones a majority of the time.

The case will add a bit of bulk to the iPod, but not enough to weigh down your pockets too badly.  In order to turn the speaker on and off, all you have to do is slide the speaker out from the back of the case.  The crystal hard case is included and you can choose to have a half mirror coated case.  It comes with a rechargeable Li Polymer battery, which is recharged through a USB connection.  As of now there isn’t a whole lot of availability or pricing information.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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