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Little Green Planet – your aloe plant will get some air time

Little Green Planet

Two great minds can think alike, but usually have a different spin on the the same idea. When we looked at the Air Bonsai a couple weeks ago, we saw simplicity, beauty, and an easy-to-maintain habitat for a bonsai plant. For those who are looking to levitate more robust plant life, there are options out there for you too, and they’re on crowdfunding platforms as well!

Whether the idea for Little Green Planet came before or after Air Bonsai I cannot say, but both options are pretty cool. The concept is the same as there’s a magnetic base and a mossy ball that will hold the plant of your choosing, giving it a small spin while it floats above the base. There is still a bit of a balancing act to get things right, but once the plant takes root in the foam on this version there’s no chance of it toppling out of its container.

This can be used with either the base or you can put your plant on the fridge as a magnet once the roots take hold. The difference between Air Bonsai and Little Green Planet is that this rendition is able to hold bigger plants depending on what size you get, the bases are different, and the moss holder is not as perfectly crafted. The pricing is quite similar, albeit a tad cheaper, as the most basic setup will cost you around $111, making this a pricey novelty item.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter