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Green Goose is like playing Second Life, the first time

One of the reasons why people enjoy playing video games is because actions are often met with immediate rewards. Even if that reward is a useless virtual trophy or a few more points, it seems like more than what life gives us at times.
I believe that the purpose of the GreenGoose system is to make it so the deeds we do in life get some sort of reward. The starter kit has this egg-shaped sensor that is designed to take input from various other accessories For example, there is a credit card sized pedometer, a toothbrush monitor, and stickers with mini accelerometers for detection motion.
The point is that items with these accessories will detect when you use them. From this daily routine, the user will get “lifestyle points” that can be tracked on the company’s website. Points accrue for intensity and consistency.
It’s like someone has turned your life into a video game, and you’re the one behind the controller. I would have to say that this is definitely designed for those who need a little more external motivation. By the way, the name GreenGoose comes from the device’s original purpose, which was to make people more environmentally conscious.
I don’t have any information from my Source on what sort of batteries it needs, but the GreenGoose starter kit is $24.

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  1. Hmmmm….the headline. You know Second Life doesn’t have a points or rewards system, right?

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