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The Green Zero Blaster – smoke your opponents

Green Zero Blaster

Some toys for kids make them want to get up and expend all of the insane amounts of energy they possess. Nerf blasters make everyone want to take up battle stations for a foam dart war. Of course, there are some toys that will quickly fade in fun as they can’t handle the rigamarole that kids put them through. More often than not, these types of toys end up being more fun for the parents than anything.

While this Green Zero Blaster can send smoke rings up to 12 feet on their merry way, the liquid that you use for fog never smells that great. Not only that, but I can’t imagine this would work too well if you’re holding it in any way that isn’t straight. Don’t misunderstand, this will certainly be the toy of the week for a moment in time, but it will be more fun to send smoke rings across the living room at people trying to watch TV than a toddler will have watching it hit the wall…or maybe that’s just me.

If you are interested in this toy, you’ll need to part with $25 to get one. While it does come with a water-based non-toxic fog liquid, you will undoubtedly need more over time. This runs on 6 AA batteries, so be prepared to keep pushing money into this toy over time. The same can be said of the Bubble Fogger, but that thing also blows bubbles, and multiple at a time, which makes it cooler.

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