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The GravityLight 2 – no sun, no problem

GravityLight 2

We don’t even think about what we would do if we didn’t have light. Flip a switch or press a button and there is immediately illumination. In places where there is not electrical wiring already in place, you usually have to resort to fire, solar options, or hope that you have a battery that will last you long enough to get to another charging station. Now try to imagine what it might be like if your only options for light were through kerosene or power from the sun.

Both choices have their own limitations, so the logical conclusion would be to seek out an option that never stopped working. A constant force that we always have access to whether we want it or not is gravity. The GravityLight 2 uses a weight pulled by a bead cord that will fall slowly upon release which will power a drive sprocket and polymer geartrain, driving a DC generator. Once the bag gets to the floor, you only need to lift it again to get more light.

This sort of contraption is needed where there isn’t electricity readily available, so it should only make sense that they’re trying to put the manufacturing in Kenya, where the market for off-grid families will be present in abundance. One of these will cost you $70-150, and would be perfect for camping as you only need to fill a bag of rocks or sand to act as your weight to power light endlessly.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo