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The Zero Gravity Chair will hold your phone while you relax

The Zero Gravity Chair

When we want to relax, we search for something mindless to do. This may be scrolling through social media or watching videos on the world wide web, but more often than not, our phone is either in our hands or not too far away. If your smartphone is your entertainment hub, then your wrists likely tire out after a while.

If you have more money than is reasonable and often find yourself wanting to recline with your phone in front of your face, then the Zero Gravity Chair will be a must-have. Not a need mind you. This is the quickest way to become a lazy invalid as possible. It sits back at a 126 degree angle, and has extendable arms that can hold your smartphone or tablet for you in front of your face. There are buttons to make this a powered rocking chair so you don’t have to exert any effort, and two USB ports so you won’t have to move for days at a time.

This will need to be close to an outlet of course, as it will have to stay plugged in. It is said to be made of materials that are soft and “have good circulation”. This either means it is a breathable material that won’t get too hot, or helps with blood flow…somehow. This is going to cost you $543, but will likely cost another $400 on top of that for shipping.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop

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  1. I’ve read the Zero-Gravity Perfect chairs are good for injured backs.. but there pricey, more than 2x than this Japanese one. How does it compare?

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