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The Grating Bucket isn’t lame if you like cooking

Stainless Steel Grating bucket

When you pass a certain age, you stop being concerned with getting toys and candy, instead becoming more worried about getting things that make being an adult human easier. Socks and sheets are actually useful, improve your quality of life, and because you use them regularly, getting ones of high quality make it feel like it’s your birthday whether or not it actually is. That being said, we certainly get excited about gadgets and gizmos that buzz, notify us of events, and clean things for us, but getting a better version of a non-battery-powered item can wow us just as easily.

If you’re a fan of cooking, then kitchen gadgets are likely the bane of your wallet. There are the ones that just look cool, cute, or have a specific function for something you really like. This Stainless Steel Grating Cup is a dream come true for those of us who really like freshly grated carrots, cheese, and other goodies with our meals.

Not only are the the grating blades positioned to allow you to keep grating with gravity on your side, but it’s also a cup so you can catch every morsel in one place. This only stands around 8.3 inches high, and can be put in the dishwasher, though if you’ve ruined enough graters doing that you probably will abstain from continuing the practice. This is really expensive for such a simple tool at $49.50, but maybe that just means you can actually continually put it in the dishwasher without having to deal with rust.

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