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The Gramovox is the world’s first Bluetooth Gramophone


The Gramovox

We want to move faster, take less time, and overlap our experiences to be as efficient as possible. We spend time with our friends, while texting our other friends, while looking at the latest on social media. No wonder we’re always looking for a way to escape, as the idea of only doing one thing at a time seems fantastically impossible. Back in the olden days, things like listening to music were singular events, and often had many participants listening in.

In modern times we listen to our music alone, and sharing our tunes with others is akin to sharing part of our soul. The things we listen to mostly alone are a part of us, and we often fear the judgment that others might put on the music we hold most dear. If you do have a group of friends who not only like your type of music but listen to it too, they would likely enjoy the idea of listening to music in a social setting, much like our ancestors in days long past. Should you have an appreciation for older aesthetics, but still want to live with modern conveniences, then you’re going to love the Gramovox.

This is a Bluetooth Gramophone that is small enough to work in a home or office setup, and will stream your music through a metal horn. It will last for 15 hours on one charge, and has a range of over 30 feet, meaning you won’t have to walk back over to it every time you want to change songs. There is a 3.5mm jack if you want to plug in, and it charges via microUSB. Being the niche high-quality speaker that it is, the $399.99 price tag shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Available for purchase on Gramovox