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Graffiti your own train

graffiti-train.jpgGood graffiti, while going against the law, often spruces up an otherwise dreary place. For those of you who want to perfect this street art, why not start with your very own Graffiti Train?

People have been decorating things they shouldn’t since the dawn of time. Well almost, because boffins have uncovered graffiti on the walls of ancient Pompeii and the toilet doors of several Mayan ruins. Probably. More recently, graffiti artists have taken to defacing train carriages with their artwork. Yes it’s naughty but it can be incredibly cathartic, especially when you’re bored. So how do upstanding citizens get to graffiti a train without risking an ASBO? No, they don’t sneak into the sidings at night; they buy the brilliant Graffiti Your Own Train.

You can bring home the Graffiti Train for £24.95 and start honing your skills today.

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