Graffiti Aerial 7 Headphones come with blinding color

I’ve always been a nut for a color, but frankly color combinations like this just give me nightmares about my childhood.  All those terrifying brightly colored pants, it’s just unnatural.  I don’t care what the latest fashion trend thinks, we have to save new generations from the horror of those bright colors.  Thankfully they do offer more natural color combinations than the ones shown here.  Plus they seem to be offering decent headphones for an affordable price.

These come in three different styles, Tank, Chopper and Matador.  The Chopper and Matador are just slightly different sizes, but Tank offers the extra perk of including an extra cable with a microphone.   They are said to offer DJ quality sound, with crisp highs and rumbling bass.  In addition to the Graffiti color combination shown here, they also offer two other color combinations.  The Azzurro, which is different shades of blue, and the Shade which features black, gray and white.  The prices range from $49.99 to $79.99, which isn’t anything outrageous in comparison to other headphones of the same style.

Source: ChipChick

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