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Grace Digital unleashes the SiriusXM Sound Station

siriusxm-gracedigitalGrace Digital has just introduced its latest streaming radio that has a rich heritage and tradition such as the SiriusXM Lynx portable radio, in the form of the SiriusXM Sound Station. In short, the SiriusXM Sound Station would be an excellent option where subscribers are concerned, especially for those who would want to enjoy their favorite music at just about anywhere — be it at home or at the office.

The SiriusXM Sound Station is a snap to set up, as you can place it on just about anywhere, be it on a tabletop or desk, and it boasts of a future forward design that is definitely not embarrassing at all. Sporting a matte black finish with minimalistic aesthetic, the SiriusXM Sound Station is extremely portable. Having said that, it will also come with a generously sized display (relatively speaking, of course) that will do its job in showcasing album art as well as channel information for easy viewing.

Users of the SiriusXM Sound Station will be able to customize the kind of music that is played on many of their favorite channels through the MySXM feature. This feature would open the doors to a higher level of personalization in terms of listening experience, and if you would like, you can even back up to the last five hours of music, as well as never miss another radio show from the start with the “Start Now” ability. The SiriusXM Sound Station will also be able to play from SiriusXM’s selection of On Demand content, with the power for listeners to pause, rewind and replay live programming.

Similar to the other radios and speakers in the Grace Digital range, the SiriusXM Sound Station will boast of powerful, full-range sound with an adjustable equalizer. The asking price for the SiriusXM Sound Station stands at $129.99, making it a rather attractive proposition for a gift this Christmas.

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