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Grace Digital introduces Encore Stereo Wi-Fi Music System

gracedigitalIf you have not heard of Grace Digital before, perhaps it is about time you did so. They happen to be a leader when it comes to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and networked audio solutions, and this time around, they have decided to roll out the Encore (GDI-IRC7500) Stereo Wi-Fi Music System, where it will make an appearance on The Encore Stereo Wi-Fi Music System boasts of an impressive tweeter and woofer arrangement, where it is more or less guaranteed of delivering clearer vocals as well as deeper bass in comparison to what the industry standard has in store.

Using the Grace Digital Encore, all that a user needs to do would be to hook up to their Wi-Fi network, where they can then gain instant access to just about any preferred internet radio station thanks to one-touch presets. There are more than 50,000 free internet radio stations, podcast, and endless on-demand content for one to choose from, where among them include the likes of NPR, BBC, iHeartRadio, CBS, Pandora, and leading pay services SiriusXM, Rhapsody, and Live365. Not only that, you can opt to save up to a hundred of your favorite stations directly to the Encore Wi-Fi music system, so that you will be able to enjoy quick access to top station and artist choices later on.

Not only that, one will be able to enjoy additional features such as seven separate alarms alongside an adjustable sleep timer and large snooze bar (which is very, very important to those who cannot live without the snooze function), a headphone jack, RCA line out, RCA aux-in, a USB slot so that it can also juice up power hungry smartphones at the end of the day, access flash drive stored tracks, or use the optional Grace USB to Ethernet (RJ45) connector. The asking price for the Grace Digital Encore (GDI-IRC7500) Stereo Wi-Fi Music System stands at $249.99 a pop.

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