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Grace Digital Bluetooth TV speaker set to wow your living room

grace-digital-btLet’s face it – while visual technology in the realm of TVs have certainly increased by leaps and bounds over the years, the audio part of it does feel to be somewhat lacking. Having a flat screen display in the middle of your living room is not good enough these days, as there will always be other things to take care of – such as making sure the audio that comes out of it will be great sounding for you and your guests. This is where accessories like the TV speaker would come in handy, but why bother with a wired connection in this day and age when you can take the wireless route? This is where the Grace Digital Bluetooth TV speaker comes in handy.

Using the Grace Digital Bluetooth TV speaker is said to be a snap, since all that you need to do is to hook up the wireless Bluetooth transmitter to your TV, in addition to the Grace BTTV voice enhanced wireless TV speaker being placed right next to where your favorite sitting spot is, and voila – you can then begin to enjoy the clear sounds of your TV. Grace Digital is no slouch when it comes to this area of expertise, as it is the leading manufacturer of award winning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based wireless music systems. This particular Bluetooth TV speaker happens to be specially engineered in order to have it optimize TV audio and dialog.

The Grace’s GDI-BTTV100 will make use of aptx LL (low latency), which is different from what the other market options offer, as it delivers a clear digital wireless signal instantly across the room. The Grace TV speaker system will not require direct line of site to the transmitter, hence you have the flexibility to place the transmitter and speaker in the location most convenient for your room and the listener.

It comes in a sleek finish that has been intelligently designed to seamlessly blend in with today’s home’s décor, where you can enjoy a large easy-to-access volume knob and an optional audio input jack, all of it with an asking price of $180 a pop.

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