Grab it Pack to holster your gadgets

front-photo “A guy needs his stuff.”

This is the introduction to the video for the Grabit Pack, which you can read after the jump. It is also a clear indication of the target audience: the man’s man. Yes, the guys that think that Tim Allen wasn’t funny because they didn’t believe Home Improvement was not an act. Guys who really do grunt like cavemen at the sight of an awesome power tool.

Or maybe they are targeting the guy geek. Hey man, I consider myself one of those, and my pockets tend to be filled with many gadgets. Gadgets, if I might add, that were not designed for the rigors of being in a pocket all day.

So why not create a convenient pack that looks like a holster out of the wild wild west? I can think of two words: airport security. Do you really want to be the guy who walks through the metal detectors wearing one of these things? The TSA guy would probably stick the wand where the sun don’t shine.

Still, I support the handiness of it, and it works well with a toolbelt. You can’t beat the $25 price tag, and you can even get a Left and Right set for $45. I would imagine that a Grabit Pack on each leg would probably make you look like Lara Croft.


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