GPS Tracker Defence

GPS_Tracker_DefenceIf you are the paranoid type who worry that someone always has their eye on you then this Anti GPS Tracker is for you. What this anti tracker does is block all GPS signals for a 5 meter radius making it impossible for a tracker to track where you are and send those details on to others. The Anti GPS tracker plugs in to your cigar lighter and is powered from the 12V supply.

One thing to note is that by blocking those “tracking” you, there will be the problem that your navigation device will also not work… so you really need to weigh up your paranoia with being practical here. It still is a fairly cool gadget though and could keep you protected should you find your self in a situation like that.

The Anti GPS Tracker costs £149 and is available at the link below.

Product Page – Source SpyReview

Guest Post by Matthew of Gadget Venue.

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