GPS Puzzle Box makes you follow directions before it opens


Now that gas prices are so high and so many are finding themselves a bit more broke than they anticipated.  Why not create a puzzle box that opens only at a very specific mystery location?  No, it won’t just tell you to turn left on Main St, it makes things difficult for you.  Leaving you to drive and walk endlessly until you finally figure out where this GPS box will open up for you.

It is actually a really cool idea if you or someone you know loves to solve puzzles and mysteries.  Then not only could you give them a cool gift, but you could make sure they’ve worked hard to get their hands onto it.  The box was originally built by Makal Hart as a wedding gift.  On the top it features a button and an LCD display.  You can only press the button 50 times, but every time you do it’ll tell you how many kilometers you’re away from the spot you need to be at.  You can check out a more detailed look on the box from the creator’s perspective by going here.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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