GPS Jacket helps keep kids safe

Children’s GPS Jacket

The Children’s GPS Jacket by Bladerunner is the latest in satellite detectable clothing that will allow skittish parents to search for lost kids using GPS satellite technology. The GPS tracker for kids fits inside an inside pouch and has a small rechargeable 15-hour battery, which should be more than enough to last you through a busy day. If the child gets lost, parents can use a computer, BlackBerry or even cellphone to track their missing tike. And kids won’t mind wearing it (though the older they are, they make have an issue with the big brother aspects) it’s edgy, high tech design appeals to their tastes. There’s even a pocket for their iPod. And if kids are into adventure sports, like snowboarding, mountain biking, etc., the GPS acts as a safeguard against lost hikers or injured XGame wannabes who are stuck in the wild.

It has an accuracy of four square metres. Position updates come every 10 seconds. Parents can even interface the GPS information into Google Earth and follow “the asset” in real time. But what is really interesting is the ability to “geo-fence” the device to trigger an alert when the child leaves a particular area the parent has setup in advance. So, if you want to know if your kid is skipping school and going to the mall, you get alerted. The kids themselves can even trigger an alert with 2 quick dial buttons in the event of an emergency.

The cost of the jacket is a staggering $512 (Kevlar lining is an optional $180), plus an additional $20 a month satellite tracking charge. It’s extremely pricey, especially considering the quick growing nature of children. But in the end, what price for a parent’s peace of mind?

Source: The Guardian