GPS Counter Track prevents you from being snooped upon


This is a paid review, we don’t normally do paid reviews but as the product is the sort of thing we’d report on anyway being paid to do so is always nice – Al 🙂

With the advent of GPS technology, our privacy is even easier to be encroached upon. How many of us have had the thought of tracking somebody else using GPS? While the outward answer might be in the negative, chances are our hearts would have said otherwise. If you think that you are currently being watched or tracked via a GPS system, there are some steps that you could take. One of them would be picking up the GPS Counter Track which basically renders any GPS tracking device useless, enabling you to move around quietly without blowing your cover.

Using the GPS Counter Track is virtually dummy proof – all you need to do is open the box, insert it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and you’re all set. It takes a few minutes to render the GPS tracking device “blind” – something that will definitely surprise your tracker as he/she panics, losing sight of the target (which so happens to be you). Of course, this works great if you have no idea on where the GPS tracking device is, or just as a matter of prevention (which is far better than the cure, I might add). Should you actually discover the actual position of the GPS tracking device, some people might want to play a trick and plant it onto another vehicle to throw the tracking party off track.

Put an end to jealous parties who want to hold an insane, tight rein on your life by tracking you wherever you go. For those who have had frequent run ins with the law, the GPS Counter Track could come in handy – although make sure you don’t abuse this by going out to cause even more ruckus. The arm of the law is indeed long as you will eventually find out. Heck, if you’re a public figure who has more important things to worry about in addition to being stalked, the GPS Counter Track would definitely come in handy.

Being small in stature, it can be stored conveniently when not in use. Apparently, the GPS Counter Track works off of the L1/L2 GPS Network which is by far the most common and used by GPS Tracking Devices. Each $219 purchase comes with a 1-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

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