GPS Built Into Your Visor

I don’t know how many times I have been completely and utterly stressed out, because I was driving in a city I’m unfamiliar with.  Only to start swearing profusely when the suction cup for my GPS manages to fall off of my windshield and scare the absolute life out of me.  I think I’m suction cup challenged.  There should be a support group for that.  That or someone could create this concept design and save me from absolutely snapping in the middle of a 6 o’clock traffic jam.

Truthfully my VW Bug’s visor probably isn’t even remotely large enough to hide a GPS unit, but a girl can dream.  Sure, this wouldn’t be a preferable design for some, since it may feel as if it’s blocking your line of sight.  Then again, that very distinctly depends on the size of your car’s windshield and visor.  Of course this isn’t something that’s going to be sold anytime soon, but the suction cup challenged can always pray to the gadget gods that it will become a reality at some point.

Source: Ubergizmo

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