GPS Backpack to control dogs

What you are seeing here is a dog backpack developed at Auburn University, and it can control a canine from miles away.
I thought that this was inhumane when I first saw this, but the apparatus on the dog’s back isn’t made to harm man’s best friend. Apparently, it has vibrating side panels combined with tones in order to direct them without the use of electric shocks.
This backpack has a high resolution GPS system and a radio modem that can send a dog’s precise location to a computer, and then the user of that computer can direct a dog to a specific location.
I believe that the purpose of this particular device is to send dogs away on certain rescue missions. Sort of like how we send certain robots to do certain tasks from a distance. Apparently, dogs are better at figuring out how to get around obstacles better than robots, who would constantly run into them.
It certainly looks like someone’s high-tech version of fetch. I can only assume that instead of training the dog to retrieve a stick, he or she will be saving lives. Soon every dog will be like a St. Bernard without the barrel of brandy around the neck.