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G-Project introduces the G-Tube ultra-portable water-resistant Bluetooth speaker

gtubeWhen it comes to portable speakers, those happen to be dime a dozen. In fact, it seems that the de facto standard for portable speakers these days would include some sort of toughness rating, ranging from being shock-proof to drop-proof and of course, the favorite of many, water resistance. Needless to say, all of these will be up to a certain degree, although this does not mean that one ought to push such devices beyond their specified limit at all times. G-Project knows that there is an adventurous spirit in many of us, which is why they have come up with the new G-Tube portable speaker. This is no ordinary portable speaker, as it comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity to boot, and is also extremely portable in its form factor.

Not only that, the asking price of $40 a pop makes it all the more desirable, especially when you take into consideration how it has built-in water resistance to boot. This makes it more than suitable to follow you on all of your outdoor adventures, be it hiking in the woods, or even cycling when it rains. Specially designed to be extremely portable, the G-Tube can be tossed in a bag, or you can also opt to strap it to a bike, or perhaps even to hang it in the shower to kick off your impromptu karaoke session.

Sporting an IPX5 rating for water resistance, it is more than capable of handling splashes from all angles without having to worry about water damage, which makes it the perfect companion in order to bring with you to the ocean, lake, pool or shower. It has also been built with a rugged housing structure, as it arrives wrapped in a full steel grill with protective elastomer on the ends and center, so that it remains well protected from everyday use. The G-Tube will also boast of a convenient metal loop in order to have it hook onto a carabiner or lanyard, letting it hang loose and free. c and hang from a tree branch, bag or backpack.

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