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Gorone Tablet smartphone stand lets you read while lying down

gorone-standTablets are wonderful devices to have, this much I will admit. They are a whole lot lighter compared to a netbook, and while the lack of a keyboard might be disturbing to some, it sounds absolutely perfect to me. Having a full touchscreen interface alongside fast typing virtual keyboard applications complete the device, never mind that it works even better with a connected keyboard, Bluetooth or otherwise. One thing about tablets though – if you just want to sink down on a bed and use it, carrying it in your hands can prove to be quite the exercise in the long run, especially if you’re watching a full length movie. The Gorone Tablet smartphone stand will ensure that it can handle both tablets and smartphones, even when you are reading while lying down.

The asking price of $100 might be rather prohibitive at first, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Just look at it from the angle of being your personal butler and you’ve got something going on here. It does not matter if you’re lying down on a couch, on a futon, or on a mattress, the Gorone Tablet smartphone stand will still be able to handle all of your smartphone applications in a jiffy, while you bid the pain in your wrists goodbye. The arm itself is extremely flexible, allowing you to adjust the position of the holder regardless of your lying in position. This caters to both smartphones and tablets thanks to the included holders, unlike other tablet-dedicated ones only.

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