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GoPro’s first quadcopter drone is the Karma

gopro-karmaGoPro is a name that we are all extremely familiar with when it comes to HERO action cameras, and for good reason, too. They are not only tough as nails, but they also do their bit in capturing great videos and photos of a particular adrenaline-pumping stunt. Well, GoPro would like to extend its reach in the action camera market through the introduction of a spanking new product that is known as the GoPro Karma.

The GoPro Karma is not another action camera, but rather, a quadcopter drone that will be able to let you capture stunning videos and photos from afar. The GoPro Karma has just been launched, and it is a whole lot more than a regular drone since it comes with Hollywood-caliber aerial, handheld and gear-mounted image stabilization. Each purchase of the $799 GoPro Karma will arrive with a backpack that allows you to tote it around without missing a beat.

Not only that, the GoPro Karma comes with an image-stabilization grip which can be removed whenever you want to use it as a handheld device, or opt to have it mounted to vehicles and gear, among others. The game-style controller will boast of an integrated touch display to make controlling the Karma fun, and it is fast and easy to fly without the need for a separate phone or tablet to see what your drone sees. With its removable 3-axis camera stabilizer, you can be sure that even handheld shots will be shake-free.

Those who are interested will be able to pick up the GoPro Karma from October 23rd onward, and apart from it being a standalone device, it can be bought as a bundle. The GoPro Karma bundled with HERO5 Black will retail for $1,099.99, while those who have the patience to wait until early next year can pick up the GoPro Karma that arrives bundled with the HERO5 Session for $999.99.

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