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GoPro Karma Grip now available for purchase

gopro-karma-gripIt was not too long ago that were able to tell the difference between a video that was shot using professional equipment compared to the home enthusiast, but the wonders and advances made in terms of modern day technology has certainly gone a long way in changing that perspective. Our smartphones are more or less capable video recording devices that will be able to capture the goings-on in crystal clear resolution with the right amount of lighting. It is now the amount of shake that helps one tell one video apart from the other. Enter peripherals like the GoPro Karma Grip which intend to make your video recording escapades more professional looking.

The $299.99 GoPro Karma Grip comes across as a handheld and wearable stabilization grip which will work with the HERO5 and HERO4 cameras, where you no longer have to settle for shaky-cam footage, but rather, it enables you to capture really smooth and professional-quality video even when you are indulging in an adrenaline pumping activity.

You can hold it in your hand and chase the little ones around the house, or perhaps to wear it on your chest while you tackle that bike trail in the mountain behind your village, the GoPro Karma Grip will be there to ensure that even ordinary shots are able to look extraordinary.

With the Karma Grip in tow, you will still be able to enjoy full control of the GoPro HERO5 Black and HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Those who are rocking to the HERO5 Session cameras will have to be a little bit more patient as support for that model will arrive from Q2 2017 onward. WIth the Karma Grip, users will be able to power on and off the camera, start and stop recording, and HiLight tag key moments using a quartet of buttons that are conveniently located on the grip. Not only that, there is also on-the-fly angle adjustment and a lock-and-release feature which will cater for the camera tilt, ensuring that professional looking shots are a snap to capture regardless of the angle.

Any takers?

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