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GoPole releases the Base GoPro camera mount

gopoleWhen it comes to accessories for the GoPro brand of action cameras, you know for sure that there is a clear winner in this department without a doubt – and that would be the company known as GoPole, who has just released the Base camera mount for GoPro action cameras. The Base, as it is aptly named, is a bi-directional tripod that is not only compact, but it also capable of folding itself into half a dozen locking positions, which would enable users to enjoy a wide range of options to make use of, including as a tabletop support for GoPro cameras.

Needless to say, creativity is your limit, since the Base can also be flipped over and used as a support in conjunction with other GoPole products which would include the likes of the Reach, Grenade Grip or Evo. Since the crazy holiday season is upon us real soon, it makes plenty of sense for the Base to arrive just in time so that you can start to plan how you are going to shoot all of those crazy angled memories for the year to come.

GoPole Vice President Ryan Vosburg commented, “The Base is exactly what GoPro cameras have been missing. It allows users to take a wider variety of hands-free pictures effortlessly. And the versatility with our other products really adds to its endless capabilities.”

Just how much would one have to fork out for the Base? Well, it will retail for $34.99 a pop, where key features would include rugged rubber feet, multiple position locking legs, a Hi-Torque Thumbscrew and direct GoPro camera connection. It is also more than ready for action all the time, being weather-resistant in nature, not to mention lightweight as well, so that it can be the perfect holiday gift and a must-have GoPro accessory. Some other ways to capture interesting photos from unique angles would be to use the likes of Podo.

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  1. I HAD a GoPole monopod and tripod, and they are a cheap version of iStabilizer. GoPole broke within 2 WEEKS with no refund. I broke my iStabilizer 10 MONTHS after purchasing– I stepped on it– and iStabilizer still sent me a new one, no questions asked, no extra fee.

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