GoPad Atari Asteroids

Want to have a blast from the past? You can place a pre-order for the GoPad Atari Asteroids, where it is tipped to ship from the middle of this month onwards to your house address (or wherever else you live/work/play, of course). At £14.99 each, surely this isn’t something that is considered to be too expensive for you, right? After all, the GoPad Atari Asteroids intends to deliver the perfect retro gaming experience unlike a regular clunky laptop keyboard, working in a plug-and-play mode.
This remarkable folding gadget is tiny enough to tote around in your pocket (just be careful so that you don’t lose it), and it will transform into a fully functional USB gaming pad with but a click of its clamshell design.
Features include a two-axis directional-pad, a quartet of action buttons, an equal number of shoulder buttons and turbo on/off buttons which will help you take full control of those classic pixels. Playing nice with both the Mac and PC platforms, the GoPad will also find the 1980’s arcade classic Asteroids bundled into each purchase, now how about that to help you get started right out of the box?