Google Presentation is live!. And kicking (ass) too! (review)

Google PresentationsUpon looking in my Google Docs page today, I discovered some new thing: Google Presentations.

Of course, the first thing to do was test it. And I did. And it’s cool!.. Even if there are no fancy transitions or animations, you can still create decent, good-looking presentations, and there are some pretty nice features to it too.

Best of all, the presentations are always online and you can access them anywhere.

Silently added at the side of its other companions, Document and Spreadsheet, this new piece of software has surprised me in many pleasant ways.

For instance, it’s fast. Very fast. Then it’s got a clean, easy-to-use interface. You really don’t need the help pages..

Then, it allows for cooperation and sharing. More people can view the presentation with you, you can also do online presentations (just start the presentation, you’ll get a chat-like interface and a link to share, which sends people straight into the presentation with you). More than that, more people can edit the file at the same time, if invited. Very cool.

Also, there’s a new feature, called revisions, which allows you to flip through many various key points in the editing process, which are automatically recognized and stored.

Al in all, the cooperation and the fact it’s located in the cloud make this a very useful tool and a worthy member of the Google Docs family.

Go give it a try!