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Google and NORAD help to track Santa

I know, I know, the entire excitement of Christmas is already over, and chances are you might be in bed right now or having a nightcap (depending on the time zone), or just having woken up if you happen to live across the pond. Another day to reflect on the year, as well as to think about what the next year will bring. Well, have you ever wondered how you are going to tell or explain to your kids the manner where Santa actually managed to fulfill his title of being the busiest man in the North Pole by going across the globe to drop off presents in just about most houses? Well, Google as well as NORAD have come together to add a modern, technological twist to the Santa-tracking experience. This is a rather long standing tradition though, as NORAD started tracking Santa on Christmas Eve all the way back in 1955. This happened when a Sears and Roebuck ad promoted the Talk-to-Santa hotline which sent callers to CONAD (NORAD’s predecessor) commander-in-chief’s operations hotline. There was the initial shock from a small boy who asked if the commander was Santa Claus, where Colonel Harry Shoup decided to ask his team to check their radar for signs of Santa’s sleigh – and hence, giving birth to this tradition. OVer the years, the Santa tracking tradition has actually changed to stay up with the times. Now, it is a wonder that we are able to track Santa using Google Earth and Google Maps over at the NORAD Santa site. Of course, being a highly mobile society this year, you can also do so on your mobile phone. Ever since December 24th kicked off yesterday, you were able to track Santa’s position at this website,, starting from the North Pole to homes worldwide. NORAD’s technology is fast enough to keep tabs on Santa’s sleigh, regardless of how fast he whips those reindeer into shape. Of course, you are no longer able to check out where Santa is since he has continued his flight, but chances are he has kicked back his boots and is relaxing in his La-Z-Boy chair as Mrs. Claus comforts him and gives him a back massage. Press Release ]]>