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Google Drive announced officially

The cloud is getting to be a pretty crowded place, and Google, the pioneer in offering email accounts that are humongous in capacity, is back with a vengeance. The Internet search giant has just announced the existence and availability of Google Drive, a place for you to, in Google’s own words, “create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff.” It does not matter whether you and your mate are working on a joint research project, planning a wedding with your fiancĂ© or even keeping track of your budget with your house mate, Google Drive is there to cater for your every need. You are able to upload and access all of your files in a jiffy, regardless of whether they are videos, photos, Google Docs, or PDFs amongst others. Since Google Docs is built right into Google Drive, this means you can work on documents, presentation slides, and spreadsheets in real time – with others viewing the same document, too, and they can check out the corrections you made in real time as well. This will, of course, be made available only if you decide to share content with others, otherwise, they will just have to wait for you to email the particular file to them for further inspection. Should you choose to share your content with your circle of friends, you can also add and reply to comments on anything, keeping track of responses on your shared items via notifications. Since everything is on the cloud, you know for sure that there are less worries whenever you travel. No longer do you need to wake up in the middle of the night, sweating away because you dreamt of your USB flash drive containing the only copy of your hard work being lost, throwing 100 man hours down the drain in the process. No sir, with Google Drive, all your data is safely stashed away online. You just need to make sure that you have a decent Internet connection in order to access what is stored there, and to work on it as well. Google Drive can be installed on the Mac and PC platforms, while those who prefer an even more mobile lifestyle can always download the Drive app onto their Android-powered phone or tablet. Google did mention that they are hard at work on an iOS version, so only time will tell as to how sincere they are in this aspect. Have you given Google Drive a go yet? Press Release]]>