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Say goodbye to cling wrap, and hello to CoverBlubber!

If you eat leftovers, then you likely know of the accursed cling wrap. Thin, flowing plastic that is perfect for covering your food, so long as you can actually get it off of the roll and over your food without it clinging to itself. Even then, it may not do very good of a job depending on the type of wrap that you have and the material you’re putting it on.

The invention of Press’n Seal made life easier, and Tupperware can always work if you don’t want to throw away the plastic, but there are other options out there. The Fusionbrand CoverBlubber can save your food from losing its freshness. It’s an Eco-friendly version of plastic wrap that comes in four different sizes. You can cover fruits and vegetables, plates, bowls, or anything else you can stretch this over.

This is made of an EU/FDA food-safe Sticky Rubber, and is free of BPA/Phthalates. You won’t be able to stick these in the dishwasher, but they would be extremely easy to turn inside-out and hand-wash. They are brightly colored, and cost around $20. The largest size can fit up to 12”, meaning you should be able to cover anything from a lemon to a watermelon. It would certainly save you on buying plastic baggies or cling wrap, takes up less space than Tupperware, and would give you less to throw away at the end of a week.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via thegreenhead

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