Good Night Charly ushers in the next generation of baby monitors

good-night-charlyOne would be unable to fault new parents for being overly paranoid about their newborn. If possible, just about everything purchased for the latest addition to the family needs to be new – a new cot, a new bed, a new pram, the works. A single cough or sneeze would lead to a trip to the doctor’s, and no one but the very best will do. For parents who would prefer to sleep apart from their little one, they too, will set up some sort of baby monitor in the vicinity. While Wi-Fi baby monitors have been released in the past, the Good Night Charly will be very different from what has been seen in the market before. In short, Good Night Charly will not be your mama’s baby monitor.

In fact, Good Night Charly will come across as one kind of Bluetooth-enabled baby monitor, where it will also hold a very different capability – that of being a lullaby music box thanks to an accompanying iOS app. You will find a hi-def Bluetooth speaker integrated into the Good Night Charly, where it will also be accompanied by a two-way microphone, in addition to the likes of temperature and humidity monitoring. As for the first line of monitors, those will arrive preloaded with handpicked lullabies that have been performed by indie artists, although users can always pitch in with their fair share of tunes through their very own iTunes or Spotify libraries.

Since necessity is the mother of all invention, this saying rings true yet again as Good Night Charly’s inventor, Peter Becke, said, “I invented Good Night Charly for my daughter, Charlotte. The elements of a baby monitor that I trusted to use for my child didn’t exist yet, so I combined a sleek two-way speaker system, Bluetooth capability, and an iOS app to make a monitor that was intuitive for smartphone and tablet users.”

It ends up in a sleek design that is also child and parent friendly, while the Bluetooth capabilities and accompanying app are simple to use. Not only that, Good Night Charly has a battery strength and flash memory that enables it to be portable in a stroller or along a long road trip.

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